Our Mission Statement

Provide the highest quality seed available to our customers.

Help our customers establish sustainable food plots to attract as much game as possible.

Supply the forage and nutrients needed by your game to give them the best chance to thrive throughout their lifetime.

Develop new and custom products for our customers and their unique situations.

Remain accessible to our customers when advice is needed or questions arise.

Plot 1 Seed

Established in 2013: I run a family owned and operated, Michigan, company. After years of planting mediocre seeds and growing mediocre plots, I decided to research and develop a product that could improve the outcome for hunters like me. 

Plot 1 Seed is dedicated to the health management of wild game. I believe healthy game begins before the animals hit the ground. I’ve put together compatible mixes of seed that complement each plant’s growing stage. Some plants even contribute to the next growing season. A simple combination of 2-4 products facilitates lifelong health by supplying minerals, trace elements and forage for every stage of wild game life. Disease, among the whitetail deer population in particular, is kept to a minimum by way of a strong immune system.

Quality control and customer service is our backbone. Every kind of seed of every mix in every bag is weighed individually to ensure consistency. Every bag is dated and every seed that can be inoculated is inoculated. Overall, our average germination rate is 90%. I will never sell old seed. After two years, germination rates decline. I pull it off the shelf and replace it before that happens.

You have my promise to put the best seed possible in every bag.

Greg Pace/Owner: Plot 1 Seed